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Taurus March 2016

Mars leaves its stressful aspect on the 6th there are no long term planets in stressful alignment with you. Venus a short term stressful planet also moves away from heavy aspects on the 12th.

The moon may throw occasional demanding aspects but if you keep your emotions strong then all will be peaceful. This month indicates good health & abundant energy.

You will have the energy to meet your targets and whatever you have set your mind on. Pre- existing conditions are much improved now, you could enhance your health even further by giving attention to your ankles & calves. Until the 12th and feet from 12th onward.

Career remains happy and you will doing well projecting success wherever you go. Though this month the focus remains on friends, groups and group activities. Romance is generally status quo and not your particular interest.

Spiritualism takes a new turn as your interests in this sphere grows. The sun is in Spiritual Pisces until the 20th, then it enters your 12th house, So a spiritual bent of mind is obvious. The Solar eclipse of the 9th ( In America its on the 8th) occurs in your 11th house this tends to test friendships, & relationships. Often it indicates important dramas in the lives of friends.

Every Solar eclipse affects the home, family relationships as they tend to become more temperamental at this time. Patience is necessary at this time deliberately try to be calm. Often flaws in the home are revealed so be prepared for expenses that have to be made.

The lunar eclipse which occurred on the 23rd transpires in your 6th house of health and work, thus you can expect job changes or changes in the job environment. You could experience some kind of instability in people you employ. A patient hearing can solve all your problems. When eclipses occur we call it a testing time for equipment and even people in general.

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