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Taurus 2016 Yearly

MAJOR TRENDS Last year, as Saturn left your 7th house your love and social life took a fantastic turn. Over the past years it has been severely tested especially in 2013 & 2014. If you have come out unscathed in your relationships then it’s a bond for life. Many of those who succumbed to the pressures should not feel wasted as new opportunities emerge.

URANUS Has had been in your 12th house of for many years now hence spirituality holds more importance than before. Many of you will opt for studies in spiritualism or the study of the metaphysical world.

PLUTO has been in your 9th house for many years. This points towards death and rebirth of certain beliefs and rituals. The belief system is a particularly important part of life and impacts your psychological system. It influences every area of your life. The changes you make now will change your life.

JUPITER spends most of its time in your 5th house so those off you in the child-bearing age become more fertile. Its production time both personally and professionally. You will be an harbinger of changes while producing what brings in happiness in life. On September 10th it moves into your 6th house making an excellent aspect for those who seeking jobs or for those who employ others. So if you are currently unemployed the good news will come.

SATURN moved into your 8th house of transformation late in 2014 and will be there all of the year ahead. This suggests that you need to tone down your seductive powers and expressions. You have to deliberately focus your energies on quality rather than quantity.

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