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Taurus November 2015

Your planetary power shifts from the lower half to the upper half of your zodiac. You could experience a psychological shift, we also call it that you are awakening to new thoughts hence dawn is breaking. You need to take physical actions to achieve your outer goals. Emotional harmony should have been taken care off by now and you need to completely focus on your career, and realize your dreams and achieve the targets set for yourself. Fortunately for you your family supports you in all your decisions.

Your health needs to be carefully monitored till the 22nd of this month. You may feel drained of energy if you don’t take proper care of your diet or exercise routine. There is nothing to be alarmed about but I always feel forewarned is forearmed. Good idea to take intermittent breaks for it relaxes the mind & body. Give due importance to relaxation too. Since your 6th house is strong this month your healthy routine can enhance your well-being. Pay attention towards your head face and adrenal glands.

The pace of life does get hectic, as the planetary movement is overwhelming fast. By 18th almost all planets would be moving forward except for your career planet Uranus which is still retrograde but yet progress is assured in almost whatever you do cause next month Uranus also starts its move forward. Finances look extremely promising as your financial planet Mercury is moving speedily ahead from the 2nd to the 20th. If you are venturing into a business partnership look into your finances squarely and take bold decisions.

Your spouse or partner would also start his or her progress and it shows prosperity. The month is excellent for paying down all your debts for taking loans if you need to. Dealings with real estate buying or selling will bring in profitable results. Give vent to your creativity as a hobby could start raking in money. I understand that you like hoarding and collecting things but please do not over do it as after the 20th you will have to de clutter your house and get rid of things you don’t need. Clear the old and make way for the new.

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