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Taurus December 2015

Health and energy remains good since you surely must have paid heed to my advice last month. Optimism will remain high, you should keep your ears and eyes open and grab opportunities coming your way, much lucky breaks are foreseen and there is sure going to be a lucky successful month ahead.

This month the shift of all the planets to your upper house becomes stronger as Venus moves over the horizon on the 5th. 70% of the planets are above the horizon and this I call it heaven’s grace. By the 26th Your Career planet also starts its move forward, giving you more mental clarity and much progress is seen happening in the coming months.

Technically the yearly love peak is over, yet the good news is that when finances and career is going well romance never ceases to happen. Venus your ruler is in the 7th House, so you would be caring towards others and building up solid relationships maybe even life long friends. Putting others before you always brings in good and happy unions.

You will be able to go after what you want and desire and achieve your dreams. Pluto your love planet does receive very nice aspects from 22nd onwards. Romance is in the air the way it should be. Your 8th house of transformation and regeneration had become powerful after 22nd of November, this indicates prosperity of the spouse or your partner, and finances improve both for you and your better half.

When finances start improving its also important that you look into organizing and sorting out your debts or loans or perhaps investments. If you have been feeling squeezed in the last month or so now you will once again see an upsurge. This period is also a period of resurrection, a project, friendship or maybe you yourself need to work on, so take this opportunity and rectify the areas that need restructuring.

Get involved in projects involving personal transformation and reinvention. Nature teaches us resurrection continuously, an old year, old month, old day dies and a new one is born. Death is never the end, only a new birth deeply disguised. Mars makes dynamic aspects with Pluto Uranus from the 5th to the 12th. This impacts your spouse or partner so advised to take situations one at a time take it easy and drive defensively avoid confrontations and stressful activities.

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