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Taurus April 2016

The Planetary power is now moving towards you, that is it is shifting towards the eastern sector. Even though the western sector of your chart is still powerful, because 40% of the planets are still there.

Eastern sector gets slightly more dominant. This indicates that you would be in your personal high, you will feel powerful and project success. It will be easier for you to create the conditions that please you, even though other people are very important in your life, but you will be less dependent upon them. This is the apt time for you to create your personal space and happiness. Use it for the coming months could be hectic and difficult to alter.

Spirituality remains the focus this month also in fact the month ahead too till 19th of May. This is a period of internal evolution, you may not feel the changes but they are real and these awakenings manifest themselves subtly. Ever since Uranus moved into your house 12th house spirituality has taken precedence. You will experience enhanced extrasensory perception and a super active dream life. You must take cognizance of your dreams they maybe showing you a path its like an Omen.

Career opportunities will come to you naturally and effortlessly. You will experience success both spiritually and materialistically. Health and energy remain good all month through. On the 19th the Sun crosses your ascendant then and enters your 1st house, this indicates one of your personal pleasure peaks. Perfect time to get a makeover literally and virtually of mind and body.

A prosperity month of you on the 6th The financial planet mercury crosses the Ascendant and enters your 1st house. This brings in financial windfalls and opportunities to make money. You would be attracting money so grab opportunities as and when they arise. Personality plays a big part in your work, so do not hesitate to spend money on yourself or your clothes. Investing in yourself is your best bet.

Loves sparkles this month through as your love planet is part of a beautiful Grand Trine in Earth. Only you need to keep in mind that Pluto starts its retrograde on the 18th. Do not rush into anything impulsively, take your time.

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