Family Consultation

(Husband, Wife plus 2 children)

Nuclear families are facing a typical problem nowadays. Parents are busy in their careers, children are busy in their education and extra-curricular activities and the only time they spend together (assumption again) is on the breakfast or dinner table. Does this situation ring a bell?

There are a lot of social issues cropping up due to this phenomenon. The connect between parents and their wards is fading away. Children are distancing away from parents earlier than expected. Parents are not able to impart their life values on children and therefore members feel stressed in relationships, lost in their own world and disconnected.

Do you need your family to stay connected and happy?
Do you really want your children to nurture and grow with your values?
Do you need them to be great and excel in their life?

If answer to all the questions above is yes, then this consultation session with your family will do you a world of good. Dolly Manghat, in her own inimitable style, will talk to you as a family and also each member to understand their views, problems and provide simple solutions to make your bonds stronger than ever. Her no holds barred conversational approach is bound to make everyone feel involved, open and candid during the conversation. This is an absolute must to resolve family ties and bonds.

She uses astrology and numerology as powerful tools to identify strengths, weaknesses of individuals to establish issues in relationships and suggests solutions to resolve them or enhance them as needed.

If interested, please fill in the form on this webpage or write to me directly on with your family details (name-date-time-place of birth)

Offer details are given below:

  • Detailed birth chart and 12 month guidance report for every individual
  • 2 hour Skype session with entire family together discussing charts and guiding on issues
  • Gemstone guidance report based on Skype call discussion for every individual
  • Price: INR. 58999.00=00 [Consultation Fees INR. 49999=00 + 18% GST 8999=00] or USD. 850=00

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