Marriage Consultation

In today’s world, the institution of marriage is being challenged. Relationships between partners are strained. The individuality is being lost. Shortage of time to spend with each other (owing to work or career) is declining, low trust levels, stressed out lifestyle leading to arguments, fights and overall incompatibility is seen. This is leading to painful separations and in most cases, the worst affected party are your own children who crumble under your pressure.

If you have any marriage related issue (it may be 4 month old or a 40 year old marriage), you can consult Dolly Manghat. In her inimitable, neutral and to-the-point style she helps couples understand each other and their perspectives to building a wonderful relationship with your partner for a life of health, wealth and happiness.

Offer details are given below:

  • Guidance based on Birth Chart analysis for both partners
  • Compatibility report (not based on gunas, but based on personalities of both individuals)
  • 60 min skype call with both individuals to establish compatibility for long term relationship decisions
  • Price: INR. 29500=00 [Consultation Fees INR. 25000=00 + 18% GST INR. 4500=00] or USD  500=00

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