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Virgo March 2016

So take it nice and easy rest and relax at intermittent breaks. Let go off the trivial things in your life and focus on what is important in life. Schedule massages this month and spend more time on health spas if possible. Until the 5th health can be enhanced through shoulder and arm massages. And after 12th your hips and neck needs attention.

The Solar eclipse of the 9th and in America its the 8th occurs in your 7th house of love and will test current relationships. as social life becomes active new relationships are formed. The strong ones survive all kind of upheaval where as the weak succumb to pressures.

Often Solar eclipses brings about dramatic life changing events to those associated with you. An eclipse in the 7th house often announces a change in marital status. Singles may decide to marry and married couples undergo a test of time may decide to move or strengthen bonds.

Every solar eclipse brings about spiritual changes you could experience internal revelations. The practice the attitudes and perhaps even the teachings of your spiritual path change. This eclipse impacts Jupiter and Saturn, thus the family dramas are inevitable.

The lunar eclipse of the 23rd occurs in your money house and announces dramatic financial changes - changes in thinking, planning and strategy. Often this happens because of some financial disruptions such as unexpected expense or obligation.

This is the catalyst for the change. These changes are also necessary for various reasons. You are in a strong prosperity period and you need to make the changes that allow this to happen. this kind of eclipse often brings dramas in the lives of those people who are bringing in money home for you the earning members.

Since the eclipsed planet, the Moon rules friendships there could be more dramas in the lives of those connected with you. Friendships get tested too. Mercury the ruler of your horoscope and your career planet is impacted by this eclipse too, so career changes are happening. There would be upheavals in your company or industry. Now, is the time to redefine your image personality and self concept. Usually events force this change over the next six months you will present a new look to the world.

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