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Virgo November 2015

Mars remains in your sign till 12th of November. Both Venus & Jupiter have been in your sign. Excessive enthusiasm could lead to carelessness on the physical plane. Enjoy but with careful consideration, keep in mind that haste always makes waste.

Its important to control your temper too, arguments could lead to nastiness and detoriate the atmosphere around for everyone. Even though your yearly financial peak ended a couple of months back yet you will keep doing well and the money keeps pouring in.

Venus enters the Money house on the 8th and Mars enters on the 12th making a good comfortable aspect. Your spouse or your partner will be equally comfortable in financial matters.

Money could come in through real estates insurances or wise investments done in the past. In case of any debts or loans to be repaid now is the perfect time to do so that you can lessen your burden in the coming year and enjoy life more. Investing in dead or troubled industries can work for you as you do have the intelligence to turn things around. Foreign travel or trading could be beneficial for you as money pouring in from foreign sources is evident.

Your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests became strong on the 23rd of last month and still hold strong until the 22nd of This month, this is an enhances a good period for those involved in education. You will find your energy levels high and self-confidence and self-esteem boosted. You will be successful on a worldly level and happy career opportunities can be grabbed.

Its important for you to increase your knowledge and attend lectures of subjects that interest you. Good period to feed your intelligence and give your mind the mental nutrition and exercise that it needs. Physical health and energy needs more attention from the 22nd onwards.

Love remains status quo bitter and sweet, though 6th and 7th Neptune the love planet receives good aspects so relationships improve till 22nd. After which mentally be prepared as there could be testing times for relationships sustaining or not.

The planetary movement is overwhelming this month as it catches forward momentum from the 18th onwards. 90% of the planets are on the move advancing. Your personal solar cycle is in the waxing phase, so a good time to launch projects or products. However even in the New Year seems brighter and better.

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