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Taurus October 2015

Your 6th house of work was affected graciously when the Sun entered Libra on September 23rd. Good aspects give you abundance opportunities in case if you are seeking a job or seeking appreciation in the present job. Both remuneration and promotions are foreseen. Get your networking going and you are bound to tap good contacts.

Its actually a work oriented period for you, having accepted that you are sure going to enjoy whatever tasks you have in hand. Love life also sees an improvement. This period is actually a “rags to riches kind of story” personally as well as professionally you will experience prospects of plenty. Your testing times are over and all the hard work put in the past couple of years bear fruit.

Jupiter’s aspect to Pluto becomes exact this month and as the Sun Enters your 7th house on 23rd October you begin your yearly love and romantic peak. This continues into the next month too.

The Planet Venus, conjuncts Jupiter from the 24th to 27thof October, heralding a sensuous period. Everything is appealing and active. Finances are comfortable and you are bound to feel lucky and blessed. This period is easier to borrow or pay down the debt. Generosity is experienced from near and dear ones.

On the 9th the planet Mercury that is your money planet starts to move forward so hard work is rewarded abundantly. You could supplement your income by taking on extra work. On the 23rd, you may feel a drain of energy, so take care of your health a proper diet and exercise routine should keep you perked up.

Make sure you rest and relax during intermittent periods. In our excitement when things are going our way we forget to pay attention to our health my advice is that enjoyment if done in discipline is enhanced and lasts longer. Sounds boring but its true.

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