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Sagittarius May 2016

Mars is still in your sign until the 27th of this month, complicating your social life which becomes even more stronger as most of the planets are in the western sector, you may find yourself becoming too self willed, too impatient and prone to anger. What you need is social skills and Mars is noted for that. Use your extra energy to be helpful to others. If someone angers you take few deep breaths before answering.

Last month on the 19th your 6th house of health and work became more powerful and this is the case until 20th of this month. If you are out seeking a job then this month is an harbinger of good news, especially the 10th and 11th. Sagittarians are not detail oriented they hate minutiae in their life, for you like looking at the big picture, yet you need to handle the drab detail this month. For not only your 6th house is strong but will have the Grand Trine in the earth sign all month. This fosters being more practical about important issues.

If you focus on your health till the 20th it will stand you in good stead rest of the year. Take care of your throat, neck and get massages done. Spiritual healing is very effective for you. Romance could come at various turning points and you could be attracted to opposite sex in the most mundane places. Office romance may happen. be discreet and avoid mixing business with pleasure. Because Mercury is retrograde you could find yourself in complications so remain alert in your relationships till the 20th after which situations improve. The Mercury planets start its forward move as well Sun enters your 7th house after the 20th. Romance is good from the 22nd to the 25th.

Mars has one of its solstices from the 7th to the 14th. He pauses in the heavens during that period and then changes direction. This effects those who are younger to you or depend on you, they will pause and change their directions in life. Jupiter the ruler of your horoscope has been in retrograde motion since January 9th. This month he starts to move forward, giving you direction in life bringing in more confidence and self esteem. You will have clarity in your goals and clear of your actions.

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