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Sagittarius February 2016

Eastern sector is empowered by most of the planets and has been stationed there since the beginning of 2016 so you are still in a strong position of personal power and independence. Thus now is the time to take personal responsibility for your own happiness and conditions in your life. If you feel the conditions need some change then now is the time to change them, change your attitude and along with you change your altitude.

Seeking appreciations or endorsement from others will be a waste of time. Just make the changes that you are sincerely feeling need the change. This is a wonderful time to start new projects or business, which you have been planning since long. The major planetary moves support all your wishes and projects, as they are strongly moving forward. From the 8th to 22nd is the best period to start such projects. Your love life is much improved as Mercury moves forward on January 25th and will be moving forward all month.

The 5th to 7th looks exceptionally good for the romantic scene and experience. Until the 14th love opportunities come as you pursue your financial goals and with people involved in your finances. Wealth seems important when love life gets a turn on. After the 14th the intellectuals will attract your attention. You love to experience the raw and unconventional, and you may find future prospects in educational environs.

Health remains basically good but after the 19th make sure you get enough rest so pace yourself between work and relaxation. Until the 17th enhance your health through reflexology or massage therapies, holistic approach will be more beneficial than medical tablets. Giving good attention to your ankles and calves will be more therapeutic and invigorating. Finances remain good but there could be a slight disturbance around the 1st to 5th after which the situations get better. Job seekers will benefit and have an excellent opportunity between 9th & 11th. Over all prosperity is seen and experienced.

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