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Sagittarius April 2016

Last month the planets started their shift from the eastern sector towards the social west. This means that the planetary power is moving away from you towards others. Your independence needs to now change into interdependence as you should start considering the needs of others parallel to your own .Your good comes through others and not necessarily from your personal abilities or personal initiative. Likeability, your social grace, is the dominant factor for your progress in life. So its time to cultivate social skills.

Last month on the 20th you entered one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. This goes on until April 19th . You will get opportunities to travel for leisure, sporting or perhaps mixing business with pleasure. You will find your personal creativity stronger than usual. A hobby can turn into a lucrative business venture. Many planets in your 5th house make beautiful aspects to your financial planet, Saturn.

It’s a profitable financial month the only drawback being that Saturn went retrograde on the 25th of last month and will remain retrograde for many more months, earnings keep happening- but they happen in spurts as delays could be expected. You could reduce your problems by being more mindful of your financial affairs.

Take care over little things while doing any financial transactions to avoid any impulsiveness or heartache in the future. Many planets in the 5th house make people more speculative and risk taking especially in finance – with Saturn retrograde and Mars going retrograde on the 17th you are advised to take care.

Health remains excellent most of the month. You can enhance it further through foot massages until the 5th after which your scalp and facials rejuvenate you. Mars moved into your sign on march 5th and will be there the entire month this indicates good health and can do spirit. You will excel in sports and exercise regimes. Maintaining a happy demeanor will be easy even though Saturn in your own house makes you serious.

This happy go lucky spirit is good for love and romantic interludes especially between 15th and 16th. Love is good from 6th onwards, you find love opportunities while pursuing health goals.

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