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Sagittarius October 2015

Technically your yearly career peak ended on the 23rd of last month. But your 10th house of career is still full of beneficent planets. Even though Mars not generally considered good is in your horoscope as he is the ruler of a beneficent house. So career will undoubtedly be going great guns.

Much success is happening, your career demands hard work from you it will be all consuming yet highly rewarding. You will enjoy this hectic pace of life. Children also give you the much-needed happiness and will be successful in their spheres as you would in your career. Like wise your friends are good to your as your work ethics play well with them and your superiors.

Health needs watching even though you are mighty careful about it. Your health planet Venus spends most of the month in your 10th house, so health will be your priority. You are well aware of the fact that the career goals you are seeking cannot be attained without good health. Enhance your health by giving attention to your heart.

Good health for you especially after the 8th means a healthy career, which is fortunately happening. Your love life remains reasonable this month, mercury your love planet moves forward on the 9th and is in mutual reception with Venus from the 8th onwards. This means that two love planets in your chart Mercury actual and Venus generic are co-operating with each other and friends further romance.

Romantic opportunities happen, as you get involved in groups and group activities. The online world is a source of romance too. You will hit some rough spots between 22nd, and 25th and 26th. Be more patient with loved ones on those days. Avoid any kind of risky activities. Last month on the 18th Saturn your financial planet moved back into your own sign bringing you financial opportunity, the message here is “ achieve your career goals and money will just follow”. Avoid foreign travel from the 5th to 7th and on the 11th and 12th.

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