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Sagittarius November 2015

The planetary power made a dramatic shift on September 25th from the West to the East. This means from the social sector to the independent sector. Last month the shift was even faster as 70% of the planets were now in the east. This implies that one needs to look into your own needs and desires. Be as independent as you want in thought word and action.

Do your own thing be your own master without hurting anybody’s emotions or feelings. As long as you are not trampling on anyone’s toes for your own comforts you will be fine.

The Cosmos is supporting and wants to have your say in whatever you wish to achieve or the way you want to achieve. You have the power to create your own conditions as you desire and you should use your own intelligence. This is the time for making "Karma” creating circumstances that can benefit all. If you create properly the karma will be good.

Career remains important through out the month. There will be no hectic schedules yet work keeps happening. By the 22nd, the planetary power will shift to the lower half of the horoscope and it will be time to give more attention to your family and to your emotional well-being.

After the 23rd, you need to start preparing for the next career push the next high will happen next year. On the 22nd the Sun crosses your ascendant and enters your 1st house. Thus you begin one of your yearly personal pleasure peak. You could get a make over for yourself and your personality.

Foreign travels are likely during this period. Those connected with education flourish. Love is spiritual until the 20th; you may tend to become idealistic and impractical. After the 20th, romance seeks you out. Also, after the 22nd you could expect financial windfalls.

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