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Horoscope for May 2015

ARIES Horoscope May 2015

On March 20th the planetary power shifted from the upper to lower half. Saturn, which affects your career, started a retrograde move on March 14. This means that you need to focus on your career and sort out issues in this sphere rather seriously. In case this is taking time then you could also simultaneously pay attention to what needs to be done at home in regards to your family and emotional life. This entire month focuses on your internal needs so that you are better prepared to grasp opportunities as and when they arise. You could achieve your goals with your inner positive energies rather than outside energies. Visualizing dreaming and imagining brings you closer to your goals. In a few months time when the planets shift again you will be ready to put your dreams into action. It is very well said that in winter nature sleeps and dreams and in the spring she wakes up and manifests what she has been dreaming. Time to give your mind the nutrition it needs, for it has needs as much as you physical body does. Those of you involved in Sales and marketing will do brilliantly well provided you take care of what you say. How convincing you are and try to avoid any kind of misunderstandings by refraining from arguments. Keep in mind that the planet Mercury also goes retrograde on the 14th of May. Take time to digest ideas and mull over things and situations before taking any kind of action. When Mercury goes retrograde there are bound to delays in communications- things do not happen on time so keep buffer time. There could be glitches, but if you are persistent and organized you will be able to achieve your targets.

TAURUS Horoscope May 2015

Your planets had a major shift last month, so for the next five months or so your important part of zodiac does remain powerful. This means that you will undergo a psychological shift, focusing on home and family matters do take importance and it will also be a time to de-emphasize your career. Even though career is important, yet you will seem more organized and in control of situations at hand. The way your major planets are posited its is advisable for you to pursue your career goals by interior methods through controlled visualization meditation and prayers. Feel where you want to be in your life, imagine this state vividly and then let go and let your inner consciousness get to work on it. Remember nature imitates and does exactly what your inner conscious feels. Your planets are mostly moving forward Since many of you are having your birthdays this month, now is the apt time to leap into action and start new projects or launch the products you have in mind. The early month of May is the best to start your new projects, as the Moon is waxing and Mercury starts retrograding after the 14th of May. The Sun and Mercury entered your sign last month bringing in a multi month cycle of prosperity. On the 21st of May you start your yearly financial peak your money house will be very powerful, earnings will soar now. After the 14th of May when Mercury retrogrades the progress may be slow but it will be there. Just keep in mind that all your financial transactions should be as perfect and transparent as possible. Do your homework well before leaping into action.

GEMINI Horoscope May 2015

The planets are positioned well and reflect your inner spiritual psyche. Until the 21st of this month everything seems strong and smooth. Since many of you have birthdays this month and also spill over next month, its important that you begin a new cycle for it’s the beginning of New Year for you. Leave the old habits behind and emerge a new you. Atone for your past mistakes and make a vow never to repeat them. Formulate targets to be achieved for the year ahead. You need to answer to yourself and ascertain, how much wealth you need? How would you go about working towards achieving your needs? What kind of Love do you want in Life? Or what kind of lifestyle do you want to lead? Draw a road map for the coming years and write down your goals. The planetary power is in your eastern horizon, so you are at the height of your personal power and independence, this month and the next. Learn to do things your own way of course keeping in mind that others benefit too the way you do. Design your life in accordance with your specifications. If you delay this for another time then situations will become harder. Create happiness in your life. Since Mercury turns retrograde on the 14th of May, make sure you launch all your projects or products before that. If you cannot do it before 14th May then the next productive period is after the 25th of next month. Mars is in your sign from the 12th May onwards so you will experience plenty of energy and charisma to attract the good to you. Self-confidence and self-esteem are much improved after the 21st of May. On may 7th the planet Venus also enters your money house; this is a happy transit and brings in good financial intuitions and returns. Earning power will be good so make the most of it.

CANCER Horoscope May 2015

Sun entered into Taurus on April 20th, which affects your health in a better way. Your energy levels remain high, get your yearly check ups done and be bold to take initiatives, which can enhance your health further. Last month after the eclipse the planetary power began its shift from the west towards the independent east, this means that the cosmic energy is moving towards you rather than away. Day by day situations improve for you as enter a cycle of personal independence and power. Its time to give in to personal desires without being selfish. Design your life in accordance with to your likings and to your specifications. Take advantage of this opportunity now. Last month from the 20th of April your 11th house of friends was more powerful you were social and interacted a lot with different kinds of people this remains so till the 21st of May. This is a period of gaining more knowledge about technology and whatever is that interests you. Finances look strong as with friends comes networking and good financial opportunities too. You could expect many of your hopes and wishes coming true or partially attained. Cosmic energies favor silver for you accessorize yourself with silver both in color and metal. Venus moves into your sign on the 7th of May, so dealing with anything to do with Green will enhance you in health wealth and happiness.

LEO Horoscope May 2015

You are in your yearly career peak till the 21st of this May and will experiences success. You will be in control of yourself and the situations around you. There are chances you could also be honored and appreciated by the world at large. These are not just professional achievements but also for the person you are or becoming. Give attention to your personality as it makes a big difference to your career. Till 21st of May health needs attention so get your yearly check ups done as it a stitch in time does save nine. Technically the eastern sector of your Zodiac is more powerful than your Western. Till the 29th of May you will be able to do things much your own way the way you like. However after 29th when both eastern and western horizons are balanced and neither one dominates the other, it means that you can neither be dependent or independent, you will have to tread carefully balancing the needs of others with your own. On the 11th of May the 11th house of friends becomes strong and the need for socializing becomes powerful. This makes it an excellent period for learning new skills, which can enhance your personal intelligence or professional. Since Mercury is turning retrograde on the 14th of May, try to wrap up your deals before that as all your bargains make not come through after the 14th. When the financial or career planet is retrograde its important that one reviews finances and career to gain mental clarity about them. Things usually are not what they seem or the way you think they are. Your Finances though will remain steady in spite of the retrograde. Blue is the color for you this year as it adds to your intuition and overall well-being.

VIRGO Horoscope May 2015

May is a very hectic and active month for you albeit a very successful one. Since your 10th house, which is the most, powerful one has 50% of the major planets either moving there or passing through. Career remains the main focus this month along with your emotional and well-being. On the 21st of May you enter your yearly career peak this when you make the most progress for the year. You may not attain your career goals in their entirety but you will see good progress. Complications only arise when the Mercury planet turns retrograde on the 14th of May. This retro does not stop progress only slows or delays the work. While communicating try to be as precise and clear as you can to avoid any kind of arguments or misunderstandings. Miscommunication is the main hazard now. When the Sun moves through your career house from the 21st Onwards you can advance your career by getting involved in social or charitable activities. Mars in your 10th house from the 12th May onwards indicates a lot of hard work and aggressiveness in career matters. You are bound to face lot competitions or the higher authorities may act tough. You could undergo a lot of stress, which may affect your health especially from 21st onwards. Pursue your goals but remain patient and go about your work in a calm manner. Keep your focus on what is really important and take intermittent relaxations. Aches and pains may come due to low energy levels, raise your energy levels and they will disappear. Finances remain delicate and you need to work harder to achieve your goals and targets. Since the Planet Venus spends most of the year in your 11th house of friends, indicating the need to be socially active. It will be to your advantage to get your self-involved with trade or professional organizations from the 7th May onwards. Now Venus is making dynamic aspects with Uranus and Pluto from the 21st to 26th May this could impact your finances and make it a turbulent period for you. Sudden expenses make occur so be prepared well in advance. It’s forewarned and if you take care you could overcome hurdles. Avoid foreign travel if possible.

LIBRA Horoscope May 2015

Your health and energy will be much better and you will feel energetic and vivacious this month. But care is still needed as two major planets could send you stressful signals. Career is over all-successful as you will achieve most of your goals ad set targets. Venus crosses your mid heaven and enters your 10th house of Career from 7th May onwards. You could reach the heights that you have set for yourself. Look into your personal self and your personalities as your overall demeanor are important for your growth professionally and personally. Career remains good as you inch forward to your yearly peak, which comes next month. Last month on the 20th The Sun entered your 8th house of regeneration and will be there till the 21st of this month. This makes it an excellent period if you are interested in a giving a boost to your overall health. This 8th house is all about renewal and resurrection mentally physically and spiritually. So you need to clean and clear the clutter from your mind body and soul. Get rid of things people and possessions that are no longer needed for your over all growth in life. If interested in past life regressions you will find your self-awakening to the benefits of mediation. Love life looks happy especially from the 12th of May onwards. Mars affecting your 9th house shows an expansion of your social circle or networking. You could be attracted to people from whom you can learn they could probably mentor you to an interesting life style. Love can happen in foreign lands or with foreigners too. Be patient with elders avoid risk-taking activities from the 21st to 26th of May.

SCORPIO Horoscope May 2015

Take care as energy and health takes a dip this has been there since the 20th April and remains so till 21st of May. Make sure you take precautions and rest when necessary. Regular medical check ups and massages are required for an overall well-being. Do not allow stress to overtake your nervous system, if you feel under weather restoring your marriage or love life will help you boost your happiness. Paying attention to your lungs and respiratory system will help you deal a lot better mentally. Finances look much improved than last month even though you need to work harder to meet your targets. After May 20th the real prosperity is seen. Those in authority will notice and appreciate your hard work. Love life takes a turn for the better when you pay attention to your partner as until the 20th May you are going to in the yearly love and social peak. Your charisma attracts people to you; the only draw back here is that you have to balance out your personal and professional life as each vies with each other on importance. Networking with friends is equally important for career. On the 21st of May your 8th house of transformation becomes very powerful- easily the most powerful as 50% of the planets are either they’re moving there or passing through. Most of the people very uncomfortable with this 8th house as it deal with death, decomposition, and detoxification taxes- - in all unpleasant things. Now this house is interesting for you Scorpios and you will find yourself getting attracted to the unknown. You will tread where the angels fear to tread. If you are involved in any kind of research projects then you meet with success this month. It is advisable for you to deal with your estate and tax planning.

SAGITARIUS Horoscope May 2015

You are entering the full Moon stage of your Solar cycle, since the universal solar cycle is also close to its full Moon phase, the planetary movement is still mostly forward full throttle till 14th of May after which it slows down as Mercury starts moving back ward. Between 1st and 4th May you could launch anything new for its gets positive push from the cosmos. Till the 21st of May you will excel in your business deals slow and steady wins the race. You do get bored with details, but now you will deal with detail-oriented tasks efficiently. Your focus on health since April 20th will stand you in good stead. Be careful after the 21st of May as energy levels may dip and health may look delicate again. As always your first reaction should be to take ample rest when the body sends you depleting signals. After the 7th of May focus more on your diet and exercise reflexology will do you a world of good. On the 21st, you enter a yearly love and social peak, since the 7th house is powerful with half of the planets either passing through or posited there, it indicates an active and hectic social life. There will many romantic opportunities and you will get along with all kinds of people personally or professionally. Just do not make any hasty decisions or get into anything serious. Observe and get a clear perspective before making commitments. Your financial planet has been retrograde since March 14th and is receiving stressful aspects, earnings will be smooth but be prepared to work hard and review your financial goals and strategies. Do not make impulsive investments; time to do your homework.

CAPRICORN Horoscope May 2015

Your health planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th of May. If you are planning to make any changes in your lifestyle then now is the perfect time to make it before the 14th. Over all your health and energy will remain good especially if you enhance your health further by giving attention to your respiratory system. Breathing exercises will do you a world of good. Until the 21st of May you are in your yearly personal pleasures peaks. You could be exploring yourself and the positive sunny side of you. The tendency to over work and to be over serious during this period is eminent. You just need to be confident in your own self and trust your higher energies to work for you while you keep at your work. This is a wonderful period to deal with all kind of issues many job opportunities come your way because of Mercury’s retro on May 14th ,you need to study everything carefully and resolve all doubts before accepting anything. Things are not what they seem. Your love life shows more activity this month as Venus enters your seventh house, on the 7th of May her transit means that you would be meeting and mixing around with socially and professionally prestigious people. Venus is your career planet her move into your 7th house indicates that you can advance the career by social means during this period. The movement of Venus also announces the dawn is soon breaking in your year and that your next career push is starting to happen. She is like the morning star announcing daybreak. Though it is still advisable to give attention to your family and loved ones. Finances are good this month earnings should be strong, Uranus your financial planet is receiving good aspects from the 21st onwards.

AQUARIUS Horoscope May 2015

Apart from the eclipse many major changes took place last month. Important planetary power shifts from the East to Social west, which means period of independence gets over and since the planets are moving away from you it also means you need to hone up your social skills. Good happens to you but through others. Your success is now not on personal merit but Personal initiative. For the next five months it is advisable for you to adapt to situations rather than trying to change them. Cultivate “likeability” let others have their way so long it’s not destructive. You need to take care of your health as it becomes delicate till the 21st of this month. Just relax and rest more than usual. From the 7th onwards pay more attention to your kidney and get some good massages. Work in order to stay positive and in a good emotional state. Negative moods and emotions have a stronger impact on health so care is needed to avoid people who drain your energies and nerves. After the 12th there would be dramatic resurgence of health and energy. Love will be nostalgic and sentimental you might meet up with somebody from the past. It will do you a world of good if you could recapture happy memories and experiences. Socializing with loved ones or friends will also have good impact on your psyche. Disagreements pertaining to fiancés and spiritualism could affect your relationships. It is wise if you kept your personal opinions or beliefs to yourself. Its is party time after the 21st of May, so enjoy life and do not let quirks of life bother you. Happiness is after all your personal responsibility.

PISCES Horoscope May 2015

The planets are approaching the Nadir (low point) of your chart. Symbolically speaking you are entering the midnight hour of your year. Mighty events happen at midnight when we are unaware. They happen on internal levels and become visible in the morning. At this apparently inactive point the cosmos forces for the next career push are being aligned and readied. This is a month- from the 21st onwards for emotional healing and cleansing. You need to look into the past rectify certain situations and push ahead in life. Health and energy though remain stressed yet you will be in high spirits, which soar after the 21st as you realize that your hard efforts have borne fruits. Take intermittent breaks rest and relax whenever you feel depleted off energies. You need to be aware that you make more mental mistakes and you just have to redo your work. Give more attention to your lungs and bronchial tubes and respiratory system. Make sure you are breathing properly and getting enough fresh air. Do your best to keep your mood positive and constructive. The family harmony after the 21st contributes to good health. Job seekers have good aspects after the 21st of May, and will be lucrative nearer to home. You will definitely be keen on emotional healing as family does take precedence over everything. Mercury your love planet goes retrograde on the 14th of May so do not make any impulsive decisions or come to any conclusions before taking a serious survey of situations. Sometime when Mercury is retrograde perceptions seems warped. Things are not what they seem, time will bring clarity so exercise patience after the 14th Of May.

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