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Scorpio 2015 Horoscope

You will feel inspired and original this year. planets that have an effect on you in 2015 SATURN has been in your sign for the past two years which is a challenging aspect. Happily it has moved out into your second house of Sagittarius last December 2014. You are bound to experience optimism and feel more energetic to complete your tasks. PLUTO your ruler has been in your 3rd house of communication and will be there for a couple of more years. Focus on communication and intellectual activities. You will do well if you hone your communication skills. NEPTUNE has been in the 5th house this reflects a nice transit if you involve yourself in creative arts. You will feel inspired and original this year. URANUS in the 6th house could create job instability be prepared for many changes on the career front. JUPITER entered your house in 2014 July and continues to reflect your career house this year well into August. Make the most of it expand or change but focus on career first half of the year to get results. The year 2015 marks new beginnings, making you feel more energetic and optimistic. The past two years have been challenging but now you can forget the past and look into the bright present and future. If you have had health problems then now is the time to be happy for you would be geared up to accomplish your long term goals. It’s important that you focus on your communications and intellectual activities. Be prepared for multiple job changes, and each one for the better. You will be able to experience and achieve your path of greatest fulfillment in your career and personal life.

CAREER – OR SOCIAL STATUS IS THE BIG THEME IN 2015. FEBRUARY TO APRIL, JULY AND SEPECIALLY AUGUST ARE PERIODS OF GREATEST POTENTIAL FOR SIGNIFICANT GROWTH. FROM SEPTEMBER YOU SHOULD BE IN A CAMPAIGNING MODE AND TOWARDS THE END OF THE YEAR MAKE FINANCIAL DECISIONS. LOVE LIFE: Romance takes on a new meaning in life and this year you shall withstand all issues anticipated in relationships. For those who are confused about more than one person will be clearer. Excellent year for married couples as closes and bonding takes on a new high. Time will add strength to your relationships and love affairs become steadier. Be intelligent and sensitive to the matters of heart. CAREER: If in business you are bound to make many trips including some foreign which will help you brilliantly expand and make more money. New openings at work are expected coming your way in the middle of the year. Be careful of some important business meetings with foreign delegates. You will achieve your desired targeted success and meet your goals effortlessly. September and October are very important months for you. Good scope and growth is expected in the coming months. FINANCES: Financially you may gain more but if you are not careful about your expenses then losses can occur. Take care of legal issues and financial disputes which may raise their head in the month of August and September. If you are looking for buying of new property or investing big amount of money then make sure you seek advice before making any kinds of commitments. CAREER TIP: Stay away from gossip or office politics as it may hamper your creativity and productivity. You need to work hard to get the best results for your happiness and prosperity. Focus and concentration needs to be worked upon.

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