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Pisces 2015 Horoscope

Major and dramatic financial changes are happening. planets that have an effect on you in 2015 SATURN move into Sagittarius which started in December 2014. It is a stressful aspect and will remain so for two years. Work hard in your career, and the rewards will come through sheer merit and hard work. JUPITER moved into your 6th house of health and work in July 2014 and will be there till August 11 2015. This is a good news for job seekers. They excel on sheer merit. Dream jobs manifest. Health improves. After 11th August 2015 Jupiter moves into the 7th house of love. Relationships improve. NEPTUNE your ruler has been in your own sign since 2012 and remains there for a couple of years more, increasing your awareness of spirituality and faith in your own self. URANUS has been in your 2nd house of money for some years. This indicates major and dramatic financial changes happening. There will be highs and lows frequently. Dealing with financial instability is a major lesson for you for the next one year. You could expect a gradual progress in all spheres of your life. Look forward to good transformations in 2015. You will have the grit and determination to face all situations in life and come out a winner. Fight against your mood swings and be sure to live up to your abilities, be motivated to live up to your ideologies. This is the right time for you to be active and overcome your laziness. Earnings are enhanced and your cash flow will be adequate. Social scene looks very good as your networking does bring in excellent business offers.

Career plays a pivotal role in the year 2015, especially the months of june and august/ september. you will feel and project success as promotion or a new job is seen. do work on your communication skills and avoid any kind of power struggles. patience is a virtue and will hold you in good stead. finances see an upswing especially in the months of february march and october. LOVE LIFE: If you are already in a relationship then the year 2015 helps to rekindle passion in your life. In general trust faith and encouragement between couples will get better and better. Improving relationships whether it is in personal or professional life is the key word to success this year. CAREER: You need to experiment a lot in order to keep your morale high and get recognition in your field of career or business. Nothing will come easy, but your hard work and efforts will certainly not go waste. Your communication skills need to get honed as the way you put things across has an important bearing on getting accepted or rejected. For job seekers it is tough and also interesting if you are prepared to go with the flow. FINANCES: Your gains and losses are almost the same, but if you are careful you could save wisely and make good investments. Keep a track of household budget and rest assured you will be able to sail smoothly. Those looking forward to buying a house will get a good bargain somewhere in October November. Be on the lookout for some real good investment opportunities coming your way which can strengthen your financial front for the future. CAREER TIP: It will be to your benefit if you look for a job that suits your potential. Be patient as the last quarter of 2015 is lucky for you, you may unexpectedly land a job of your dreams. Be mentally alert and prepare yourself for the change. You are in a period where you need to come to terms with your past. You need to assimilate its wisdom and move on from there. Repeating the Meditation Mantra “DIVINE LOVE FLOWS THROUGH MY CONSCIOUS NOW” will help release negative energies.

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