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Leo August 2016

Last month on the 22nd the planetary power moved to its maximum eastern position and stays on the same plateau till the 22nd, so personal power and independence are at their maximum, this is the period to have your own way and create the world you like. Create what makes you happy and do things you enjoy the way you want. Make the changes you long wanted to make later on its bound to get more difficult.

It’s a nice feel to be in control of yourself being strong and powerful a great gift but there is downside to it too, if personal power is abused it can bring faster and stronger karmic kickbacks. Most of the ills that we see in this world are not due to disempowerment but rather the reverse – to the abuse of power. So use your power wisely and lawfully.

Love remains happy this month through for singles there are going to be ample opportunities to mingle especially by the 15th & 16th. Your love planet Uranus went retrograde at the end of last month so complication are going to be there, but you will also have the wherewithal to face and overcome them. The love life is happy barring a few glitches and delays. Do not rush into anything, allow situations to develop.

The month ahead is prosperous as well. This is the headline of the month. Jupiter has been in your money house all year, Mercury entered the money house on July 31st. Venus will enter on the 5th and the Sun will enter on the 22nd. Thus the money house is full of beneficent planets. There seems to be a cosmic conspiracy to prosper you. Great geniuses are scheming, plotting and planning the best way to achieve this. You are in your yearly financial peak, you are having the Midas touch so use it judiciously. From the 22nd onwards the focus will be on finance as it should be.

However Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month on the 30th so try wrapping important purchases or investments before. Prosperity will happen even during the retrograde albeit a bit slower. Health remained excellent last month and will remain so the month ahead.

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