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Leo May 2016

Career remains the main focus and it will go great guns, you will experience much success and happiness as advancement happens on all fronts. The 10th and 11th brings in special news regarding career or pay rises. There was a grand trine on earth last month and this continues the month ahead making you more practical with both feet on the ground. You will have mental clarity and realistic views about your money and career.

Take care as health got delicate on April 20th and needs to monitor till the 21st of this month. Nothing serious its just a short term phenomena. When energy is high we tend to burn candles at both ends and seem to get away with it. But when energies are lowered as it is until 21st we cannot burn our energies in the same fervor. Try enhancing your health through holistic means.

Finances remain good even though you may experience glitches and delays. Ensure that the details of finances are handled properly and carefully. While doing online transactions read the fine lines. Do not sign any important contracts before you finally have gone through it minutely. Slips up can create much havoc later on. Prosperity is seen, as your financial planet Mercury is part of the grand trine in Earth all month through receiving lot of positive support. Give vent to your personal creativity, which can yield profitable results. The 2nd to the 4th, and 22nd, to the 25th seems exceptionally good in regards to finances. There is luck in speculation too though I always advise to take calculated risks. From May 22nd to 25th as Mercury starts to move forward you are bound to experience financial clarity and direction. The financial judgment will be sound and practical.

Mars has been retrograde since April 17 and is retrograde all of this month, if you can avoid foreign travel if you must then do not schedule close connecting flights too closely.

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