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Leo 2016 Yearly

The year ahead looks happy and successful so learn to enjoy life the way it is. The long-term planets are either in harmony with you or leaving you alone with out any repercussions. Even if there seem to be some obstructions to your plans yet you will achieve your goals easily. The small little hiccups occur only when small term planets are transiting which are temporary and not trends for the year. When the difficult transit passes your life resumes to normal.

The Main significant planet SATURN in Sagittarius placed in 5th house has been there since 2013 and remains there this entire 2016. This only indicates that you need to tone down your exuberance part, be more rational and somber. Learn to enjoy your work make it pleasurable, and use your creativity, presence of mind judiciously.

PLUTO has been in your 6th house of health for some years now and shall be there for years to come, this creates tendencies towards surgeries, but it also indicates that detox regime can be very effective. Always ensure to take second opinions. Your attitude towards health needs a dramatic change, be serious and follow strict health regimes.

NEPTUNE has been in your 8th house for some years now and will be there for times to come, this indicates awakening of your spiritualism. You would want your relationships to be more holistic than act of lust.

The year ahead is prosperous as JUPITER has been in your money house since August 12 of 2015 and will remain there till September 9th 2016. This is a classic signal of prosperity. Your love remains as excellent as last year and many of you who may be seriously contemplating cementing their bonds by all means should do so.

Your areas of greatest interest in the year ahead are: Finance, until September 9th, communication and intellectual interests from September 10 onwards; children, fun and creativity, occult studies, personal transformation, taxes and estates, religion & philosophy higher education and foreign travel.

Paths of greatest fulfillment would be finance and communication and intellectual interests.

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