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Virgo September 2015

The cosmos has ordained a long-term happiness and prosperity for you, so it’s befitting that the blockages to this internal or external get blasted away. The two major eclipses this month are going to help you do just that.

The solar eclipse that occurs on the 13th is the stronger of the two and it occurs in your own first house of Virgo. So be calm and patient and wait for situations unfolding before your own eyes. This is also a period when your perceptions and thought process changes; you will redefine your own self inwardly and outwardly.

You will change the way others think about you, so over the next six months you will not only change your personality but also your wardrobe. You will feel, look and appear more confident richer and successful. The solar eclipse usually brings about spiritual changes in your attitude towards others. Part of it has to do with the dramatic life changing events happening in your life at the moment or dramatic situations happening to people in and around your life.

The lunar Eclipse of the 28th / 27th occurs in your 8th house of transformation and regeneration, and also deep relationships. It’s advisable to reduce your working schedule and introspect more inwards. This eclipse can bring encounters with death although not necessarily physical death, it could be death of an emotion, a relationship or even something happening to your near and dear ones.

Often it happens that people have dreams of death either of their own or someone close to them. No need to fear such dreams, its just that the dark angel comes to whisper and remind us of the short fragile life we have on this earth (in cosmic terms) Life is a blink of an eye. So do not waste time do something meaningful with our lives. During this eclipse if you have to undergo a surgery just do it fearlessly after getting a second opinion.

Every lunar eclipse tests friendships and relationships bringing or witnessing dramas in their life. This too is a part of the cosmic reorganizing and rationalizing going on. A new phase of the game of relationships is emerging in your life.

You also need to replace or repair your electrical equipment all lines of communication too like computers, telephones etc. Health and energy remain vibrant but Saturn when it moves back into its stressful aspect with you on the 15th you need to take care and not neglect any niggling issue. Do not over do yourself take work only which you can handle comfortably.

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