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Leo November 2015

This is a healthy month for you emotionally and perhaps financially too. Physically you need monitor and take care of your fragile health. Make sure to get enough rest and relax between your hectic schedules. Whenever you feel a dip in your energy levels you need to check your diet and exercise. Raise your energy levels and the health situation gets better.

From the 22nd health conditions improve dramatically. Finances remain excellent but not as dominant as they have been in the past few months. Last month the planetary power begins to shift from the independent east to the social west. This month the shift gets stronger as Mercury moves from the East to the West on the 2nd.

The power of the planets tends to move far away from you becoming more and more distant. The energy is flowing towards others so now you should focus more on other people than yourself. You are in a different stage of your cycle where you benefit when you focus your energies towards people, so good comes through the good of others and not so much from personal initiative or effort.

Period to cultivate your social skills, it will be difficult if you try to change situations to your way of thinking or liking. It is advisable for you to adapt and accommodate to situations and people. If you have done improvisations in the past then situations should be pleasant for you. If you feel you need to make any changes then hold on to your ideas for the time being. Just learn to be patient and compromise, for the moment.

Your 4th house of home and family continues to be powerful until the 22nd. On the 22nd the Sun enters your 5th House of enjoyment and you begin another of your pleasure peaks. So you could have party and indulge yourself and have fun.

The cosmos urges you to do what you most love doing - seeking pleasure. If you are of childbearing age this month the fertility rate is pretty high so take your chances. Job seekers can rejoice as opportunities do come seeking them out around 29th and 30th. Avoid confrontations of any kind.

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