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Gemini December 2015

December is the month that demands attention towards your health. Review and monitor your health, do not neglect any niggling problems.

When energy is low give it your full attention and take breaks for rest and relaxation. Avoid any kind of strenuous activities around your work place or home. Do your best to maintain good levels of energy. Your health should improve after the 22nd.

Those involved in sports could experience a drop in their performance, this does not imply they are loosing out it just says a drop in energy levels. Mars makes a dynamic aspect with Uranus, Pluto from the 5th to the 12th so avoid risky activities or rash driving, do not get into any kind of road rage or arguments.

Do not over react to people or situations. Take second opinions if a surgery a recommended for you. The dynamic aspects of Mars can also affect computers and high tech equipment. Make sure your files are backed up and your antivirus software updated.

Be prepared for all kind of dramatic events happening to you or around you with family or friends. You are still in the midst of your yearly love and social peak, yet you need to mentally prepared for certain kinds of highs and lows. Love should improve after the 10th when Mercury starts to make better aspects to your love planet Jupiter.

Family support remains good and socializing with people who matter in your life will do you a world of good. Your focus nevertheless needs to be on career and its advancement. Your 8th house of transformation and reinventing yourself is powerful from the 22nd onward.

This period becomes important if you want to overhaul or do a makeover for the benefit of your mind body and soul. This is also a good period if you want outside investors for your projects, since your social skills will be high you could perhaps attract prospective investors.

As the year comes to an end its important that you get rid of things that are further needed so de-cluttering of mind personal and professional environment will help make way for the fresh and new.

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