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Gemini November 2015

Even though you are in a fun mood yet I need to remind you that work has to be a priority. The time is very opportune and job seekers should keep their mind, ears and eyes open so as to grab opportunities the moment they arise. Get in the mood for work and your employers are sure to notice this enthusiasm and start working on either promoting you or raising your remunerations or both.

The situations you have to create and since the period is in your favor make the most of it. With your 6th house of work strong until the 23rd, it’s a good to get all the detailing work done and remove it out of the way. Get organized de-clutter your desk and update your existing books and data. If you pay attention on getting your work in order it will take much lesser time than you anticipate and the flow of energy in your office does become positive. Its like getting rid of old and bringing in new energy and life in the office.

The planetary power makes another important shift this month on the 22nd it shifts from the lower half to the upper half, making it a dawn period in your yearly cycle. If you are active now you will be able to pursue all your worldly goals and achieve your targets much easily and effortlessly. Don’t they say an early bird catches the worm. Similarly wake up and make all your dreams come true and vision a reality. With Jupiter in your 4th house well into next year you will do many good things for your family and loved ones, you could be serving them by being successful in the world. Success in life is as much off a service to family as you.

Focus on your career and plan the year ahead with gusto, determination and dedication. Neptune your career planet which has been retrograde for so many months starts its move forward from the 18th of this month, so you gain mental clarity and strength to revise your plans and make them work for you. Your love life does need some attention though it will be better than what it has been in the past, on the 23rd you enter a yearly love and social peak so you need to take advantage and probably mend broken barriers.

Romantic meetings will happen for singles, warnings take it nice and slow do not make hasty commitments. Focus more on quality than quantity. Avoid any kind of risks or confrontations from the 24th to 26th. Finances look good and earning power strongest from 11th to 25th.

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