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Capricorn June 2016

Your 7th house of love and romance and social activities has not been powerful this year, even though love has basically been stable and not a priority. Things change this month as the Sun and two other planets enter your 7th house. You begin your yearly peak of love and social networking. You will attend and give parties. Singles will experience love opportunities from the 18th onwards with a wide variety of people; foreign types highly educated types, powerful types and even fun and game types. Probably you will sample them all.

This much power in the 7th house also shows that you get along with all kinds of people. Love can happen in a variety of ways and in different settings.

Financially you will be good until the 21st but afterwards there could be stress and challenges involved. There could be more obstacles to deal with, as you would have to work harder for earnings than usual. The good news is that your partner will be supportive as he or she has financial windfalls and is likely to be more generous with you.

The planetary power is now at its most distant point from you. So self confidence and self esteem may not be at its highest. This is a good thing as self assertion is called for now. Let others have their way so long as it is not destructive. With so much power in the western sector try adapting to situations as best as you can, later when it starts to move towards east gain you can have your way then.

There is a lot of water in your horoscope from the 13th onwards a Grand Trine in the water signs shows an era of good feeling and emotional sensitivity. Capricornians are hard headed practical type, so emotions can be uncomfortable. People around can get hurt by your callousness, so be careful while you are conveying something. Health needs some attention from the 21st onwards. As always make sure to get your energy levels by taking enough rest. Do your best to keep your moods positive and constructive.

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