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Capricorn May 2016

On April 19th as the Sun entered your 5th house you began one of your yearly peaks of pleasure. This is the right time for you to enjoy life, to schedule in leisure activities and fun. Be around your children for the maximum satisfaction in life.

Since you are a serious sign with a serious out look in life you down play leisure, finding it waste of time, but the cosmos has other plans for you, the 5th house of leisure and pleasure is equal in importance with every other houses. There is logic in leisure and luck too, one comes out refreshed and rejuvenated.

We have the Grand Trine in the earth signs which is a pleasant configuration for you as one of the Earth signs. This alignment tends to emphasize the practical virtues. Your abilities will be more recognized and appreciated now. Many of your ideas which may have been rejected in the past are now accepted and people around you will be more practical and down to earth. Enjoy it till it lasts till the 20th after which work beckons you again.

This Grand Trine in the Earth tends towards prosperity even though your financial planet is not yet active. The only issues right now are the many retrogrades happening- half the planets are retrograde until the 9th and from the 9th to the 22nd, 40% are retrograde. So things do move albeit slowly. Good happens but with delayed reaction.

Health is much improved and remains in positive energy till the end of the month. Enhance yourself with massages if feeling under-weather. Most of the planets are now in the western social sector of your chart this means that the planetary power is moving away from you rather than towards you. It moves towards others and so should you. It is time to focus on the needs of others, take a vacation from self and let others have their way. Your good comes through the good will of others and their graces not from your personal initiative or personal abilities.

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