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Cancer March 2016

You will succeed in whatever aspects of life you want to learn about. Even though there could be educational disruptions which in actually are just changes for the better. This happens because of the Solar eclipse of the 9th, and trust that these changes are for the better and good for you.

The two eclipses this month both of them impact you strongly this year. Of the two the lunar eclipse of the 23rd is stronger especially for those of you born from June 21st to June 25th. So relax take it easy , do not panic with the changes for as the dust settles down it will be crystal clear to you that changes bring in metamorphosis in life which is for your betterment. Take a break from daily routine before and after the eclipse.

The solar eclipse on the 9th ( in America its on the 8th ) brings about educational changes, not advisable to travel during this time if you must then schedule flight before or after the eclipse period.

You will experience dramatic changes in and around you or in the life of those whom you know. Your entire spiritual faith could get a shake up, such crisis are necessary to realize the truth of this world. You will now be able to do away with superstition. Your ideas will modify.

Every Solar eclipse brings financial changes and this one is no different, twice a year the cosmos gives you opportunity to make changes and adjustments usually in your strategic thinking and planning that need to be made. Its usually not pleasant while its happening often there is fear and insecurity, but the end result will always benefit you especially if you have the faith.

The lunar eclipse of the 23rd occurs in your 4th house of home and family. The eclipsed planet, the Moon dominates, so the family especially your elders will behave temperamentally as they would be undergoing their own fears and insecurities. Be patient and calm while dealing with elders or those in authority.

Your dreams or premonitions will usually be negative during this period. Do not adhere or give too much weight on your dreams or thoughts, for the eclipse is stirring up your emotional plane. This eclipse affects you on your personal level.

Your self confidence gets challenged again and again. There is a need to re-define yourself and your self-concept. Believe in yourself and handle situations calmly. This transformation is generally a six month process.

Get a mind body soul change and makeover. Present a new look to the world. You do need to rest and relax more from 20th onward. The best thing that would help is a quiet time for yourself so meditation is important.

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