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Cancer February 2016

Your 8th house of transformation came into action on the last month from 20th onwards and remains strong till the February 19th. This implicates important financial decisions. Until the 19th you need to continue focusing on the wealth and your investments and also off those who are dependent on your advice.

Money comes to you through various ways and means, so you need to garner support of your partner into reinvesting wisely. Those of you of appropriate age should do your estate & tax planning now.

This is an excellent period to pay down your debts and making good planning for the future even if you have to take loans by all means do so. You need to know the difference between constructive and destructive debts. If you are into business or have business acumen then utilize this opportune time to attract venture capitalists to put money in your projects. Good time to meet investment bankers.

This is also a good month for financial detox, get rid of possessions you no longer need and are just accumulating dust. Get rid of negative energies so that positive can take place. Get rid of brokerage accounts and in general get rid of non-essential expenses.

This is the month where you will prosper by “ cutting back”. These redundancies clog up financial energy and slow down earnings. Make room for the new good that wants to come in.

Your financial intuition will be spot on and sharp by the 28th and 29th. So invest & listen to your sixth sense. The planetary power has been in the upper half of your chart since the start of the year; hence it becomes important for you to focus on your outer goals- your career objectives.

Be clear off where and how you are going to achieve your targets. Your family can be served best when you are successful in the world and making your money. Your family in fact will be a source of strength and a career motivator this month. Health remains good and gets even better after the 19th.

With more energy at your disposal there are more possibilities to explore as your horizons expand. On the 19th as the Sun enters your 9th house foreign shores beckon you and you could be travelling more for business. There are financial opportunities in foreign countries and with foreign companies.

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