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Cancer October 2015

Saturn your love planet changes its house. It moved from Scorpio where it had been for the past three months and gets into Sagittarius where it will be for the next two years. You have always been practical when it comes to the matters of the heart, but now you are going to be even wiser and practical.

You will discriminate between lip service and those who actually wish well for you and show it in actions. For those who are single love opportunities occur at work place or as you pursue your health targets, meaning At the gym or while going for your daily run. The good news is that you are clearer in your mind as to what you want out of life and love. With the forward move of Saturn your relationships also mature and gain momentum.

On the 23rd of September your Sun entered Cancer heaven, which is your fourth house of home and family. So concerns of family become really important to you and remain so for the entire month. The cosmos impels you to do what you most love - to be involved with family and domestic routine.

The powers of your planets are its nadir now (that means lowest point) its midnight in your year, and during this time only all the magical and miraculous things happen. Outer activity is almost in abeyance your inner life is more in focus. Your perceptions will change, you will be confident about the career opportunities coming your way especially from the 15th to the 18th.

Your inner power attracts good energies and prospects. Continue to visualize and dream, where you want to be and how you are going to reach your targets. If you can feel the feeling of how you are going to feel when you reach your goals, that’s the clue that manifestations are near at hand.

Cancerians are always interested in the past, they are considered the most nostalgic of the signs, and becomes more so during the month of October when Air energies are vibrant. There is a cosmic logic to this, as we growth past gets redefined according to our present state of consciousness. Hence the past memories hurts pains get resolved redefined and healed.

Health will be delicate and has been so from the 23rd of last month, so ensure that you take enough rest. Do not neglect niggling problems, and over all don’t take any stress. Trust the cosmic energies, they are taking care of you.

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