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Virgo October 2016

On the 10th of September last month Jupiter entered your money house at the start of this wonderful financial transit. Finances have been good this year and from here on they get even better. On September 22nd the Sun also entered your money house and began your financial peak. For many of you out there much depends upon your age too. This is your lifetime financial peak.

You will get support from your family too in every aspect. Money can be earned through various means including from home. Often this indicates a fortunate purchase or sale of home. The real estate industry is good. The Sun in the money house shows the importance of your financial intuition. There is financial guidance in dreams or from psychics, astrologers, and other spiritual channels. Miracle money happens for you.

The month ahead is financially active in more ways than one. The Moon which normally spends two days in a sign or house each month will spend five days in the money house – two and a half times longer than usual. This suggests that if you need any kind of financial assistance friends and family will readily support. Net working both socially and personally will flourish – and your skills in this area play a huge role in your earnings.

Your financial planet Venus will be out of bounds from the 17th to the 31st. this shows that you are going outside your normal sphere in pursuit of earnings. Do not be afraid to do unconventional things think out of box.Last Month’s eclipses are over though lingering effects especially in your love life are still there.

Neptune your love planet spends the month camped out on the solar eclipse point of September 1st, so turbulence in your relationships are felt. Your partner or spouse could be undergoing their own challenging period – they should avoid any kind of risky activities. Neptune is still retrograde so this is not the time to make important decisions regarding emotions or love. There would still be some distance to be crossed between you & the loved. The challenge is to bridge the gap between your differences and your opposite perspectives on things. Job changes can happen this month as your work planet Uranus receives some stressful aspects the stressful aspects is especially severe from the 27th to the 29th. Just ensure safety in whatever you do. Health is basically good this month but it won’t hurt to drive more carefully on the 15th 16th, 19th & 20th. Enhance your health by being disciplined in diet and exercise.

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