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Virgo May 2015

May is a very hectic and active month for you albeit a very successful one. Since your 10th house, which is the most, powerful one has 50% of the major planets either moving there or passing through. Career remains the main focus this month along with your emotional and well-being. On the 21st of May you enter your yearly career peak this when you make the most progress for the year. You may not attain your career goals in their entirety but you will see good progress. Complications only arise when the Mercury planet turns retrograde on the 14th of May. This retro does not stop progress only slows or delays the work. While communicating try to be as precise and clear as you can to avoid any kind of arguments or misunderstandings. Miscommunication is the main hazard now. When the Sun moves through your career house from the 21st Onwards you can advance your career by getting involved in social or charitable activities. Mars in your 10th house from the 12th May onwards indicates a lot of hard work and aggressiveness in career matters. You are bound to face lot competitions or the higher authorities may act tough. You could undergo a lot of stress, which may affect your health especially from 21st onwards. Pursue your goals but remain patient and go about your work in a calm manner. Keep your focus on what is really important and take intermittent relaxations. Aches and pains may come due to low energy levels, raise your energy levels and they will disappear. Finances remain delicate and you need to work harder to achieve your goals and targets. Since the Planet Venus spends most of the year in your 11th house of friends, indicating the need to be socially active. It will be to your advantage to get your self-involved with trade or professional organizations from the 7th May onwards. Now Venus is making dynamic aspects with Uranus and Pluto from the 21st to 26th May this could impact your finances and make it a turbulent period for you. Sudden expenses make occur so be prepared well in advance. It’s forewarned and if you take care you could overcome hurdles. Avoid foreign travel if possible.

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