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Virgo August 2016

Last month on the 22nd, your 12th house of spirituality became powerful and remains so until the August 22nd. This is a spiritual period many fear solitude but there are times when it is necessary to get into your own space and be with yourself. You will feel naturally reclusive when the 12th house is strong, there are spiritual reasons for it, it is in the solitude that spiritual breakthroughs and insights happen. rest assured this solitude is not forever and not a trend it’s a phase of life.

The month ahead is happy & successful, the planetary power is now at its maximum Eastern position. The cosmos supports you and your personal goals, it is a time for being independent for standing on your own two feet and for having your way in life. Make the changes necessary that brings you peace and happiness. This may stress a current relationship but this stress is also temporary. You and your loved one may have to work hard to bridge the differences, as you are seeing from the opposite perspectives. Neither of you is right or wrong. If these perspectives can be bridged the relationship will be more powerful than before.

Mercury is going retrograde at the end of the month – on the 30th make your changes before the 29th. The Sun enters your sign on the 22nd. This gives a supernatural, other worldly kind of image, it bestows the power to shape your destiny the way you want. Those of you into yoga or other spiritual type exercise will benefit largely. A guru or guru figure comes into your life. Venus will move into your sign on the 5th this adds beauty style and grace to your personality and also brings in financial windfalls and opportunities. Pay rises can be expected between 20th and 24th, and between 26th to 28th. The 20th to the 24th brings career success.

Mercury is still in your sign all month, indicating an increase in your confidence and self esteem. His presence also brings career opportunities, you will look feel and project success. Health remains good more so after the 22nd.

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