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Scorpio September 2015

Your 10th of career is occupied by the Planet Mars most of the month and Venus spends the entire month there too, so this indicates a hectic month and you would have to work long hours especially if you want to achieve your targets and reap rich benefits. The two major things that are important in your career right now are social connections and your work ethics. Both need equal attention and devoted time.

We also are facing two major eclipses this month which more or less guarantees that you will undergo or witness major upheavals and shake ups. You know people and nations were given the gift of free will which most of the times gets abused. Plans, projects or institutions are made that are not in line with the cosmic will. The functions of these eclipses are to shatter these things so that the cosmic will can manifest and this is my personal belief. The solar eclipse that occurs on the 13th affects your 11th house of friends and relationships in general.

Friendships get tested, sometimes-actual relationships are flawed and sometimes-dramatic events shake up faiths. People are temperamental so you need to be patient with yourself and others in general. You may experience a break down in electrical equipment’s, computers crash, lines of communications get disrupted suddenly. So it’s advisable to take caution and be prepared for all eventualities.

Get your back ups updated, replace old used items or repair them get them serviced. Every solar eclipse brings career changes of various kinds; there are disruptions, but certainly not destructions. Changes are inevitable and my belief is that change always brings in better propositions. You may have a career move or a promotion to a different branch.

Chances are that you may completely change your profile or profession. Most of the time such changes involve alterations in the rules and the way you approach your work. Changes of policies in the corporate world is expected, your strategies and tactics need to be changed. Flaws in your thought process get revealed and you need to make the necessary corrections. Avoid any kind of risky activities and avoid rash driving for sure. A person is more vulnerable during the eclipse.

The lunar eclipse occurs on the 28/27th in your 6th house of health and work. This signals job changes and working conditions, you may find your self-instable or instability with co-workers. Sometimes such an eclipse produces health scare and changes in dietary or health regimes need to be given priority. Even though health looks pretty good yet an yearly check up done will remove any kind of fears or doubts. Enhance your health by paying more attention to your heart.

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