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Scorpio October 2016

A happy and successful month can be expected, as the planetary power is now in its most easterly position. You are in your maximum personal power and independence of your year. You should and can have things your way. If you think you want to change your circumstances then do so now. People around you may call you selfish but then your happiness matters the most. When you are feeling good and in good personal conditions, you will be able to help others.

You are still in your personal spiritual period until the 23rd. this is a wonderful period for studying religious or spiritual scriptures in order to know about your internal self. Good period to learn about meditations and practices that help you evolve. Your career gets boosted as a side effect.

Career guidance will come in dreams or through psychics’ ministers or spiritual channels. Your career is not just about you the whole world is affected by it and the spiritual beings are highly concerned with it. Health remains excellent all month- but especially from the 23rd onward. Your energy levels are high and all things are possible now the going will be good as all kinds of doors open for you. Happy career opportunities are on the horizon, you will look, feel and project success.

Venus is still in your sign until the 18th. This gives beauty and grace to the image. In a man’s chart it indicates young & beautiful women coming into the picture. In a women’s chart it enhance and magnifies its own beauty. Love seeks you out, there is nothing much that you need to do- just show up. Venus moves into your money house on the 18th this implies good financial support from the spouse, partner, or current love and much of your socializing will be business related. Singles find love opportunities as they pursue financial goals and with people involved in their finances. Wealth is a great romantic turn on from the 18th onward.

Those younger to you or children in your life will undergo their own metamorphosis in life. Since Neptune is on an old eclipse point children should kept out of any risky activities. They should be warned to be careful. A job opportunity- off the beaten path comes from the 18th to the 20th. Job changes or disturbances come from the 27th to the 29th.

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