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Scorpio June 2015

Saturn the ruler of your horoscope has been retrograde since March 14th, so you need to do much introspection and review your personal as well as professional life. You may feel directionless or clueless and confused of what exactly you want out of life. You need to just take a break rest relax and then focus, its like think backward to go forward again. Get mental clarity and then work towards laying foundation for your future at the given opportune time. If you feel the usual lack of self confidence then now is the time not assert yourself in any which way let others have their own way as long as they are not destructive. On June 15th Saturn makes a back into Scorpio from Sagittarius, this makes an excellent transit for you for personal transformation and reinvention. You will feel and project success for you will get rebooted. This aspect is very good for weight loss and detox regimes. Its social time too so get some networking done it will boost your profession or business. Many planets in the 7th House 40% of them indicates an ability to get on with all kinds of people. For singles they should be ready to mingle. The spouse or partner does prosper at this time and can expect windfalls and financial opportunities. Venus in the 10th house helps you bring success in everything you focus your energies on. Looking for a personal consultation? Please contact me on with your date, time and place of birth.

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