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Scorpio July 2016

The month ahead looks happy and successful, with a few challenges thrown in just to keep things interesting and to keep you on your toes. You will begin the month with full on energy and the wind backing you from behind. Basically the situations are conducive to your happiness. You will witness optimism all around you. On the 22nd the sun crosses your mid heaven and enters your 10th of career as you simultaneously begin your yearly career peak too. So success is bound to be there.

Love will be a bit complicated until the 12th, as you could seem distanced from your partner, sometimes this also manifests in physically being apart – though most of the time it’s a psychic condition. You can be in the same place physically but worlds apart psychologically. Your challenge will be to bridge the gap and your differences, if this can be done your relationship will become more powerful.

Love does become harmonious after the 12th as Venus moves away from her opposition to Pluto. She will be in your 10th house of career from that date onwards. This implies that love is high on your agenda and that you will be willing to put in the hard work necessary to keep love alive. For singles who are ready to mingle love opportunities mixes with their career goals, chances are they could find love in their working place. Singles will be attracted to powerful people and this also indicates affairs with the bosses or those in authority. Sometimes Bosses like to play cupid under this transit.

In a nutshell there is more socializing after the 12th its like business come pleasure. Your social skills are playing a huge role in your career during this period.

Your financial life is still being reorganized but the month ahead seems Fine. Jupiter still makes nice aspects to Pluto and is not being stressed by other planets, you will have all the resources you need. Mars in your 1st house all month gives physical strength, energy and passion. You will excel in whatever you devote your mind on.

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