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Scorpio July 2015

Retrograde activity is strong this month at its maximum now. Things will move very slowly there will be delays, so be mentally prepared for slow progress though this does not mean defeat. Success both financial and career wise is happening for you this month but perhaps at a slower pace. Once you understand that the nuances of planetary moves you will not feel stressed out.

Much of the success will happen behind the scenes, so you may not be aware rest assured you will receive good prospects once the planets are moving forward. On the 23rd you enter your yearly career peak, half the planets are either in or moving through your 10th house this month. So career goals get redefined or are achieved. People around you, your bosses and friends or family will support your decisions.

Health and energy remain delicate so proper care and attention should be given especially from 23rd onward. It’s important for you to give more attention to your diet and digestive system.

Importance should be given to rest and relaxation at regular intervals while working. When energy is low preexisting conditions can flare up or get worse, even if there are no preexisting ailments you are more susceptible and vulnerable during this period.

Venus your love planet makes her rare retrogrades on the 25th, this does not stop love life just slows it down. The normal social networking may not be there and judgments can be warped. There can be problems due to poor romantic choices. Affections can be misplaced. No long term decisions should be made during this period.

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