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Scorpio 2016 Yearly

Since long term planets means long term projects , so many of the trends are spilling over in 2016 from the previous 2015.SATURN has been in your money house since December 2014, even though money has been trickling in yet with a very tight hand. Often this is because responsibility pours in from different quarters. All that you need to do right is to get reorganized.

PLUTO the ruler of your horoscope has been in your house of communication for many years now and will remain there for many more years to come. This is a wonderful position for all those who are involved in education, marketing or travelling. Your mind would be focused on whatever you are doing.

NEPTUNE has been in your house 5th house of fun and creativity for many years, this shows affinity for entertainment but in a more sincere and pious way. Those of you involved in the performing arts are unusually inspired these days. URANUS has been in your 6th house for many years thus you witness loads of changes at your work. This transit also shows dramatic changes in the health regime.

Your financial planet JUPITER spends most of the time in Virgo and is in wonderful aspects to the ruler of your chart PLUTO. This indicates prosperity through a variety of means. JUPITER leaves Virgo on September 10 and enters Libra, which indicates important financial changes- changes in your attitude the way you think and strategize.

Your most important interests this year are finance; communication & and intellectual interests; children, pleasures and creativity till Sep 9th, after which you will be involved in friends, group activities and spirituality.

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