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Pisces September 2015

Last month you witnessed many changes and this month you may experience even more. This is a tumultuous kind of month, the world over because of two major eclipses happening which are creating the entire ruckus. The solar eclipse of the 13th affects you very strongly so take it nice and easy. Anyway you need to take situations as they come calmly especially during the eclipse periods.

Since solar eclipse is occurring in your 7th house of love, triggering dramatic changes in your love life. The ground is being prepared for love and a lot of impurities and obstructions need to be cleared away. Only the best will do you good. Imperfect relationships will just wither away. Good marriages and good relationships will survive this testing period. Its the superfluous ones that are in danger.

As the Sun is your work planet every solar eclipse brings about job changes. The change can be within an organization or else you could be changing your career profile completely. The conditions at the work place will change. Rules and regulations of the government could affect your working scene. Though the upheaval will be disruptive yet it will give you a lot of mental clarity and you will gain in the end.

Sometimes there could be health scares too. With health more delicate during this period you need to be over cautious. Do not jump to any drastic conclusions let the dust of the eclipse settle first get second opinions before taking major steps. Health and energy do dramatically improve after the 23rd. over the next six months you should modify your health regimes.

The lunar eclipse on the 28th/27 occurs in your money house and announces major financial changes. Generally these happen as a result of some financial crisis or disruption. Your financial thinking opinions and strategy could be flawed and the eclipse reveal this to you. While this situation is not usually a pleasant one, you are still in a position to rectify the flaws and ease your life out. These changes long needed to be made and now the cosmos forces you to make the corrections for your own good.

As with every lunar eclipse children in your life are affected, make sure they stay out of harm’s way. Cosmically speaking this is like a violent storm happening, while it rages its best to stay indoors and out of trouble. People around you or your loved ones could be redefine their image and perceptions too. So let them have their way give them space.

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