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Pisces December 2015

Its important that you continue to watch your health this month especially until the 22nd. Remain ambitious but be careful of overworking yourself. Pursue your career calmly, delegate tasks wherever you feel you can.

Continue to pay attention to your liver and thighs. Good routine of exercise and diet will help you sail through the month. Health and energy does improve after the 22nd. Do not panic you just need to be responsible of your own health. In regards your career social skills come into play as social connections help you bring in opportunities that you are seeking.

The past year though has been kind of slow professionally but this coming year you will see a change, and the changes start occurring by the end of the month. The changes maybe subtle and slow but they will be steady and gradual progress is seen over the next two years.

Hence its a period of steady methodical step by step career growth. All your career goals may not be achieved but you will see solid progress being made. You need to be happy seeing the long-term view. Finances remain good and you will need to work harder and over come obstacles after the 22nd.

Your financial planets Mars spent the month in your 8th house of transformation and regeneration. Your spouse or partner will be an important factor in earnings and supplementing to your financial coffers. Detoxify your needs and de-clutter your surroundings get rid of things and situations that are no longer needed on your life.

Try to pay off your debts; this is the month of returning what you owe to others. Ignore your own interests; let it take a back seat, as now is the time to take interests in the benefit of others. Be prepared for short term financial disruptions from the 5th to the 12th. Important changes need to be made, do introspection and get your priorities correct. If you make changes now you will eventually start getting your financial life into order once again.

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