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Pisces 2016 Yearly

Major openings for those who are single in 2016, You have entered a beautiful love cycle in August 2015 and the trend continues, in the year ahead. Romance is happening and you should enjoy every moment of this year. For those already in relationships the concentration should be on your career. Work hard and maneuver your way to success, as success is happening and will keep increasing by the day.

NEPTUNE has been in your sign for some years now, hence your strong sensory perceptions and psychic powers are even stronger than normal. You will feel refined and spiritualized. Two eclipses occur in your sign this year. One Solar Eclipse on March 9th the other Lunar eclipse on September 16th. These will mean a redefinition of your image and personality.

URANUS has been in your money house for several years meaning the financial life will become very exciting you will experience great heights and great lows too. A real roller coaster ride. Your challenge is to smooth out your earnings and learn to deal with financial instability.

JUPITER will move out in your 8th house of transformation on September 10th. Thus you will feel hyperactive in whatever you do. Sometimes this transit brings in inheritance, brings in good fortune with tax and insurance issues.

PLUTO has been in your 11th house of friends for some years and will be stationed there for many more years to come. This is a long term trend friendships are getting detoxed, some will dissolve and die out some will get reborn. The whole area eventually will be cleansed, the process however is not pleasant but the end result is always good.

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