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30 min Skype consultation call on the major mahadasha on the main period. 3 Questions will be answered for this period.
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60 min Skype call with any number of questions on the particular dasha being analyzed.

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Mahadasha Guidance Report + 20 min Skype

20 min Skype + Detailed report Includes full report including Natal Chart, Mahadasha and its 9 Antardashas.
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Mahadashas and Antardashas are powerful cosmic energy periods in our life. The main planet (known as Lord of dasha) period imparts its energies on you. Then there are antardashas (9 under every mahadasha) where other planets add their flavours to the main energy. When combined together, the vibrations of these planets impact your psyche, emotions, health, wealth and happiness. They offer guidelines to pave your path for a fulfilling and successful life.

There is a general trend and belief that some planet dashas are malefic (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) while some are benefic (Sun, Moon, Jupiter). Hence, people tend to feel afraid or happy assuming life will move a certain way and either succumb to it or find out escapist ways to feel happy. The idea here is to understand the energies and apply them to your life. That is why, gaining knowledge about the dashas will help you build your life of health, wealth and happiness.

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Mahadasha Of The Sun – 6 years

Vedic Astrology: Mahadasha Of The Sun- 6 years

Strong Sun:

If the Sun is strong and favorably placed the soul will feel strong, one may make efforts for self-realization, live splendidly, travel far and wide, engage in strife or hostility that yields good dividend, rise in position and status, gains through trading, and benefits from father or father will benefit.

Weak Sun:

If the Sun is weak and afflicted one may feel inner weakness, suffer decline in physical and mental prowess, health troubles, demotion in rank and status, displeasure of the government, trading losses and suffer at the hands of father or his father may suffer ill-health or die.

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Mahadasha Of The Moon – 10 years

Vedic Astrology: Mahadasha Of The Moon – 10 years

Strong Moon:

If the Moon is strong and favorably placed one may have a cheerful heart, a happy and a vigorous mind, facial luster increases, enjoys subtle pleasures and comforts, obtains a good job or rise in status, gains money and favors and pays homage to gods.

Weak Moon:

If the Moon is weak and afflicted one suffers from ill-health, lethargy and indolence, loss of job or demotion, loss from or quarrel with women and mother may fall ill or die.

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Mahadasha Of Mars – 7 years

Reign In Your Aggression And Convert It To Focused Passion For Constructive Work

Strong Mars

If Mars is strong and favorably placed one may gain from or through brothers, earn favor from persons wielding authority, enter into or promotion in military, para-military or police service, acquires landed property and other valuables, enjoys good health, exhibits optimism, daring and persistence.

Weak Mars

If Mars is weak and afflicted one may suffer from fall, wounds, deterioration of blood, at the hands of a magistrate, become quarrelsome, exchanges hot words, earns enmities, hates and litigates.

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Mahadasha Of Rahu – 18 years

Develop Intelligence and Focused Mind To Decipher Illusions. Do Not Fear Rahu

Strong Rahu

Rahu is favorable one may gain ruling powers or rise in governmental favors by resorting to falsehoods, tricks and cunning, earn and gain wealth through unscrupulous means, changes place of residence.

Weak Rahu

If Rahu is unfavorable one suffers very many losses, suffers from snake-bite, aberration of the mind, hallucinations and illusions, asthma, eczema etc. It is the worst mahadasha for education or career which may be broken or disrupted.

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Mahadasha Of The Jupiter – 16 Years

Harbinger of Intelligence And Prudence


If Jupiter is strong, well-placed and forms good yogas one is inclined to learning and increase of knowledge; if it comes in middle age it confers wealth and bestows sons, one leads a comfortable life, one goes on pilgrimage and has auspicious celebrations, and in old age bestows grandsons, better income and finances.


If Jupiter is weak and afflicted one gives up education, suffers from failures, poverty and many miseries including fall from position and ill-health, commits evil deeds, becomes frustrated, sons or grandsons may also suffer.

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Mahadasha Of Saturn – 19 years

The Strict Disciplinarian Regime, If You Are CORRECT – Saturn Supports You

Favorable Saturn:

If Saturn is favorable one rises in service by own strenuous efforts and hard work, derives benefits from things signified by Saturn and gains a legacy.

Unfavorable Saturn

However, if Saturn is unfavorable one may suffer from diseases due to malnutrition, poverty, litigation etc.; quarrels and disputes with elders, deaths in the family or of near ones, impediments and obstacles in path of progress and miserable life due to distress all around.

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Mahadasha Of Mercury – 17 Years

Communication – Late Marrriage And Divorce Case Live Example

Strong Mercury:

If Mercury is strong and favourable one devotes time and energy to studies, writing etc.; remains active, engages in commerce or politics or diplomacy, gains through dealings with others and trade, enjoys company of friends, peace and tranquillity and lives in comfortable surroundings.

Weak Mercury:

If Mercury is weak and afflicted one may suffer from nervous disease, a bad liver, loss due to bad friends and relations, due to own dishonesty and of others, defamation and the like.

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Mahadasha Of Ketu – 7 years

Understanding Previous Karma And Making Corrections Towards Further Journey

Favorable Ketu

If Ketu is favorably placed one devotes time and energy to the perusal of philosophy texts and engages in worship, derives much income from practice of medicine, enjoys domestic comforts and luxuries, good luck and freedom from disease.

Unfavorable Ketu

If Ketu is ill-placed one may suffer intense pain of body and anguish of mind, accidents, wounds and fever, have low company and suffer bad consequences through them.

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Mahadasha Of Venus – 20 years

Comfort – Creating Your Environment Explained With Real Life Example

Strong Venus:

If Venus is strong and favorably placed one may acquire things of art and pleasure, co-operates with others reciprocally in an harmonious manner and gains, falls in love, gets married, love and affection for spouse increases, begets daughters, rise due to the patronage or favour of some lady and well-wishers.

Weak Venus:

If Venus is weak and afflicted one suffers from ill-health, contracts urinary or venereal diseases, low sexual prowess, monetary loss, lack of favors and support, disharmony at home and outside and earns a bad name.

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