What Mahadasha You Are Running?

Ancient Vedic Psychology

Mahadashas and Antardashas are powerful cosmic energy periods in our life. The main planet (known as Lord of dasha) period imparts its energies on you. Then there are antardashas (9 under every mahadasha) where other planets add their flavours to the main energy. When combined together, the vibrations of these planets impact your psyche, emotions, health, wealth and happiness. They offer guidelines to pave your path for a fulfilling and successful life.

There is a general trend and belief that some planet dashas are malefic (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) while some are benefic (Sun, Moon, Jupiter). Hence, people tend to feel afraid or happy assuming life will move a certain way and either succumb to it or find out escapist ways to feel happy. The idea here is to understand the energies and apply them to your life. That is why, gaining knowledge about the dashas will help you build your life of health, wealth and happiness.

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Mahadasha Of The Sun – 6 years

Vedic Astrology: Mahadasha Of The Sun- 6 years

Mahadasha Of The Moon – 10 years

Vedic Astrology: Mahadasha Of The Moon – 10 years

Mahadasha Of Mars – 7 years

Reign In Your Aggression And Convert It To Focused Passion For Constructive Work

Mahadasha Of Rahu – 18 years

Develop Intelligence and Focused Mind To Decipher Illusions. Do Not Fear Rahu

Mahadasha Of The Jupiter – 16 Years

Harbinger of Intelligence And Prudence

Mahadasha Of Saturn – 19 years

The Strict Disciplinarian Regime, If You Are CORRECT – Saturn Supports You

Mahadasha Of Mercury – 17 Years

Communication – Late Marrriage And Divorce Case Live Example

Mahadasha Of Ketu – 7 years

Understanding Previous Karma And Making Corrections Towards Further Journey

Mahadasha Of Venus – 20 years

Comfort – Creating Your Environment Explained With Real Life Example