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Libra September 2015

We have two eclipses this month, which is always disruptive but not destructive, though initially when dramatic changes are happening we feel so. Be prepared for the world around you changing dramatically and so will you. Midst all this nerve-racking movement many nice and positive situations emerge. To begin with Saturn moves out of your money house on the 18th greatly easing your financial pressures.

Venus the ruler of your Horoscope starts moving forward on the 6th, bringing clarity to your personal affairs. And on the 23rd The Sun crosses the ascendant and enters your 1st house initiating a yearly personal pleasure peak. Health and energy remain good.

The solar eclipse that occurs on the 13th occurs in your 12th house, bringing about change in your spiritual life. – Your outlook, opinions and attitudes, practice undergoes metamorphosis. Since Jupiter moved into this last month its no surprise that your mind is working overtime. New revelations, a new understanding comes to you and this change is just a natural outcome.

The eclipse also indicates dramatic changes shake-ups in your spiritual organizations, people or beliefs. Friendships and relationships get tested time and again. Since this affects electrical equipment and all forms of communications, you need to replace or service your computer, telephones and other modes. I need to tell you here that this solar eclipse is basically benign to you and for people around, shakes will happen albeit softly.

The lunar eclipse of the 28th /27 in some parts of the world affects the Librans more strongly. Reduce your schedule and take it easy for a few days till the effects of the eclipse are over. Stressful activities especially if they are optional should be rescheduled. This eclipse occurs in your 7th house and tests your marriage or relationships.

Unresolved issues raise they head again and you cannot escape but devote time towards resolving them. Take steps to correct hidden flaws in relationships. Good relationships will thrive and survive and the flawed ones will be wiped away. Be more patient with the beloved and friends around you during this period. They would also be more high strung and temperamental.

Your career is affected by the lunar eclipse, which occurs on 27/28th, you should be mentally prepared for major changes in that area. This eclipse also indicates shakeups at the top in the corporate hierarchy. You could expect changes in your industry or profession. Sometimes the government agency that regulates your industry or profession makes changes in the rules and its policy. Whatever changes are manifesting ,they will eventually work out in the end, though while the events are happening they could be uncomfortable.

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