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Libra July 2016

Last month from 19th to the 23rd, Venus the ruler of your horoscope, was having one of her solstices. She paused in the heavens and changed direction in latitude. So there was a pause in your life and a change of direction too. Around this time the planetary power shifted from the social Western sector to the independent Eastern one. You would become more independent day by day. Personal power and charisma is increasing, you do not need to do things by consensus. If something needs to be changed- something that concerns you – take action, make the change you want to make. You don’t have to adapt to situations or people, if situations are uncomfortable create new ones that are more comfortable for you.

Health still needs attention until the 22nd. The good news is that you’re on the case and focusing on it. Take care of your physical body and energies from 22nd onwards. In the meantime get as much rest as practical relax mentally too.You are still very much in your yearly peak until the 22nd. You’re succeeding though you might not see the bottom line results of your success for a while. You still need to work hard to achieve your financial goals this month, but you will see improvements after the 22nd. You are still in a prosperous year and these problems are just bumps on the road. Family support and the support of the spouse,partner or current love is still strong. Your financial planet is still retrograde this month, so be careful of your finances.

The job situation seems unstable this month, even though you are performing well. You may sense a feeling of deficiency, job seekers have better prospects before the 22nd than after.

Love is still practical even though opportunities happen as you pursue your normal financial goals and with people involved in your finances. Your social contacts and social skills are important for earnings. Much of your socializing will be business related. There is some complication with your love life, as you seem to attract people who just want to have fun rather than being serious. Avoid travel on the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th, & 11th. Cause you may be completely out of focus and absent minded.

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