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Libra December 2015

Dynamic aspects made by Mars with Pluto and Uranus from the 5th to 12th, so its important to maintain your calm and be patient with loved ones. Arguments confrontations are not going to yield any kind of results. Temper tantrums and risky activities best be avoided. Though your spouse or partner remains devoted and loyal to you even support to whatever your thoughts or ideas are.

The month ahead does look prosperous on the 5th Venus enters your money house and stays there till the 30th. You need to focus your energies on your personal finances, review your status and make a realistic assessment of yourself.

Make wise investments to secure your future. Job opportunities come your way, do not neglect them, give them a thought as a change of line could unnerve you but it can also completely change your life for the better.

The dates 10th to 12th and 22nd onward good positive aspects will be received by your house. Your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests became powerful on the 22nd of November and remains until the 22nd of this month. So gain mental clarity and give vent to your ideas.

Get yourself up to date by attending seminars or reading materials regarding your profession or business. Taking up courses that interest you also feeds the mind. The period is extremely good for students or those connected with education. Health needs more attention after the 22nd, make sure you get enough rest.

Enhance your health through a strict diet or exercise routine. A break or a holiday pursuing your interests in life can actually rejuvenate you. You could find yourself visiting old memories; this is actually time for you to resolve issues that have been disturbing you. Learn to move on in life, by forgiving, forgetting learning and becoming wise for the future.

The Sun moves into your 4th house of home and family on the 22nd. Rather than getting depressed, this resurfacing of the family baggage can be made to help you. Be an impartial observer; control your emotions as emotions can cloud judgments and one can lose objectivity. Best is to write down your feelings without censoring them and then you can actually throw that paper away, it’s an exercise that helps in moving on in life, old memories loose their power.

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