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Libra August 2016

Venus the ruler of your horoscope moves unusually fast this month and will journey through three signs and houses of your horoscope. This implies that you cover a lot of territory, and that you will make rapid progress and have good confidence and self esteem till late August. The Love planet Mars leaves your money house on the 2nd and enters the 3rd house of communications and intellectual interests. This gives us a lot of clues, love is found close to home, so need to travel far in search of it, it will come to you automatically.

Mars is out of bounds from the 9th onwards, you could be attracted by the intellectuals teachers, writers, journalists sales and marketing people. Ease of communication and mental compatibility are important turn-ons in love for you. Love remains good more so on the 30th & 31st. You may get attracted to foreigners too as your personality shimmers through. Love life for your near and dear ones, friends alike will remain good and happy.

The month ahead is prosperous and this is just the beginning, prosperity will happen for the rest of the year ahead and well into next year. Your financial intuition will be excellent so pay ahead to what your sixth sense prompts you to do. Financial abundance comes to you in the sense “The more you share the more you get”. When you think of others the Universe showers you with abundance. The 16th, 17th, 26th & 28th are good with money. A spiritual breakthrough will change your financial outlook as well as others outlook in life. Your 12th house of spirituality is strong all month especially so after the 22nd. Much of your growth and development will be internal this month, but it will become manifest externally in due course.

Your spiritual interests are stronger than your work interests and this could create some problems at the job, you will have to force yourself to pay more attention work. It is very important that you have work that is in harmony with your spiritual ideals. Job seekers need to work hard if they want to succeed its like “try keep trying don’t give up”. Health remains status quo and gets even better as the month pulls along.

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