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Leo September 2016

The world at large would be turbulent in the month ahead; yet nice things are to be expected for you personally. You are still in your financial peak overall health remains excellent. Of course when health and wealth are fine one can handle any turmoil & overcome any obstacles. We experience two eclipses this month Solar on the 1st and the lunar on the 16th. Of the two eclipses the Solar, which is on the 1st, has a stronger impact on you.

Your health remains good but you need to reduce your working schedule and distress. The Solar eclipse occurs in your money house, which indicates dramatic financial changes. With all the prosperity that’s happening changes in thinking and planning are inevitable. This is the result of the eclipse’s impact. Hence you should avoid foreign travel over that period, if you must travel then, then schedule your travel around the given periods.

Students will experience dramatic changes in their environs or study schedules. They may want to change subjects which is rightly so because awareness comes in. Saturn your work planet also gets affected by the eclipse, this indicates job changes, or changes at your working place.

Sometimes the eclipse also gives a health scare, even though your health will be good, so it could be just a scare, just take it easy. Every solar eclipse forces you to redefine yourself your image personality & self-concepts. The lunar eclipse of the 16th occurs in your 8th house of transformation, so stay out of harm’s way. Do not do anything on any kind of impulse. Often lunar eclipse produces near death kind of experiences you may experience dreams of death. One is forced to confront one’s own mortality.

In this confrontation positive changes happen, it also brings in financial changes for the partner. These changes generally end up being good. Every lunar eclipse brings in spiritual; changes in practice and attitude and sometimes changes in teachings and teachers. Your values and attitude towards life changes.

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