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Leo August 2015

Last month the planetary power made an important shift, the lower subjective sector of your zodiac became powerful. Career goals more or less should have been sorted out now is the time to build up your energies and resources to give your career the next push forward.

Symbolically speaking you need to collect your data information and good energies so that you can give an appropriate push when the time comes. Good energies are accumulated when emotionally you feel happy secure and satisfied, so look into your emotional wellbeing focus on your family and domestic situation. Make improvements where required and trust the higher energies to take care of your career naturally.

The month ahead looks very prosperous. Jupiter enters your money house on the 11th, your financial planet Mercury enters on the 7th and the sun moves there on the 23rd, so you begin your yearly financial peak, for some this will be a lifetime peak and for others a multi year peak. Your money house is clustered with beneficent planets this month.

Cosmic conspiracy is seen to enrich you, luck in speculations is seen from the 26th to 28th which is also signals travel. These fortuitous aspects are very good for those who are studying or working in the corporate world. Love life remains good and you do not have to unnecessarily worry about anything in this area.

Career planet Venus moves with Jupiter from 3rd to 6th opening up paths for you to travel on and making your profession interesting. So you could expect advancement in whatever you do. You are at your personal best too as health and energy remains excellent.

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